Announcing The New Album LSD: Lunar Solar Duality

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), is a hallucinogenic chemical compound, first synthesized in 1938. Upon its introduction into popular culture in the 1960’s it quickly shifted not only the mind of the artist but also the person experiencing the art.

Hip Hop artist Cambatta, known for his thought provoking and psychedelic-inspired rhyme techniques; newest album entitled “LSD”, is just as the title insinuates. Mind bending and consciousness shifting. This album was created throughout 4 years of both psychedelic usage and reality-based life changing events, making it a duality of both real and surreal interpretations. The album’s title is also an acronym for “Lunar Solar Duality” alluding to the album’s dichotomy of light and dark conceptualizations and countless other polarizing and multi-entendre-latent compositions. Whether you have ever experienced LSD or not, this album is sure to impact anyone receptive and perceptive enough to take a dose.

Cambatta's album LSD: Lunar Solar Duality will be available on all DSP's Tuesday July 21st via Mello Music Group. Preorder here


1. Bloodmoon Feat. Nomxolisi Ndlangana

2. Bones of Osiris

3. 33 Feat. Kenny Buttons

4. nXggXr chrXst

5. Sun of Whorus

6. Fall of Feinix (666)

7. Scale of Anubis Feat. Natural Onyx

8. NuMirrorcal

9. 24ours (Day & Night) Feat. Red Pill

10. nXggXrla tXsla Feat. Songbird

11. Grand Number TheoRAM (GNT 1:1)

12. Mic El JahXsun

13. LSD...

14. Lunar Soular Feat. Songbird

15. Psylense of the Lambatta Feat. Songbird

16. Wings of Icarus Feat. Jamall Ray

Mic El Jahxsun Video

Bones of Osiris Official Video

nXggXr chrXst Official Video

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